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Excellent opportunity to college students!

Prof.V.G.Krishnamurthy is always concerned for students and believes that ACHIEVEMORE mission is only possible by helping students have ACHIEVEMORE Culture & ACHIEVEMORE Environment with needed training and by involving students in ACHIEVEMORE mission. ACHIEVMORE expects students to be ACHIEVEMORE Volunteers & Ambassadors of ACHIEVEMORE. ACHIEVEMORE wants to offer 3 opportunities to students, for them to improve employability, before completing the degree.:

Training           Work experience              Scholarship


Students need adequate training to get Leadership & Managerial skills, before graduation. But it is not the case now with majority of students. Therefore only employers are regularly saying that students lack employability. But necessary efforts were not been taken so far, either by corporate companies or by colleges or by parents or by any training agency. Students, parents and colleges need to give importance to training, apart from studies

ACHIEVEMORE wants to bridge this training gap and geared up to offer an effective training to students. This type of training is not available to students, elsewhere. Cost of this kind of training can be easily Rs.3,000/- per year. But efforts are being taken to offer it free of cost. It is an excellent opportunity for every student. In turn ACHIEVEMORE wants students to do little service and extend the training benefits to some more students & success lovers.

2. Work Experience

Indian students need some work experience during their studies. It can help them understand their own realities and expectations of employers. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week in abroad and this is working nicely with many countries. Since it is a new concept to India, students can be made to work for at least 5 hours per week to start with.  

Students need not do any serious work, but they need to learn as how to do any work. This basic training can prepare students to handle any work effectively, later. Work experience certificate will be given to students, which can add value to their resume and give an edge to them in the job market. ACHIEVEMORE is working on to evolve some part time job opportunities and it may be available from next year.

3. Scholarship

Students must earn some money during their education and thereby understand the value of money. In developed countries, students above 12 years are allowed to work and earn the money needed for their living and as well for education. But in India, students do not have opportunities to earn at least some money during their studies. There is a strong myth exists that students should concentrate only on education and should not divert their attention on earning.

Comparing course fee / educational expenses, the earning through part time work can only be very small. Therefore the earning can be regarded as only scholarship. Training is the primary objective of ACHIEVEMORE and scholarship can be the priority of students. However, ACHIEVEMORE can help every student with possible part time work and strategies to achieve the scholarship goal. ACHIEVEMORE is working seriously to evolve some part time job opportunities for dtudents to earn reasonable money and it may be available from next year.

Take Personality Survey

You may think as if you are OK with your personality & managerial skills. If you take personality survey offered on this website, you can understand your limitations & lapses in you. It is a very simple test and totally free of cost. Please take this test and recognize the need for training. Training Club can help you have all needed training and for your life time, if need be.

Currently, this offer is only to limited colleges

The first offer - Training is available now and the other two offers will be made available from next year. ACHIEVEMORE wants to serve more students and wants to involve students in social work, which can help students to grow as social minded  leaders in the society. Though Prof.VGK wants to reach every student in India, he is offering this opportunity to only limited students in the beginning. Interested colleges, parents & students can contact Prof.VGK. 






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